(Español) Presentacion en Gourmetquesos

Autonomic stands were the cases of the Canary Islands, which showed the wide cheese production in the archipelago, which are marketed by the public company management of Rural Environment (GMR), emphasizing the more famous and more accredited Majorero cheese.

Happened in the Hall of the Gourmet cheese forms as they were various acts of preparation and presentation of tables of cheeses, which were great and recognized expert chefs and restaurateurs. Drew us attention to the meeting developed under the name to cakes with cheese, which was a selection of the best 6 Spanish cakes, as indicated in the programme: cake of the Dehesa Hacienda Zorita (Salamanca); Cake Cañajeral (Valladolid); Goat expeller and Jara Rufino (Badajoz); Mini pancake of sheep farm Pascualete (Trujillo, Cáceres), Torta del casar Rafael Pajuelo (Cáceres), cake the Senera Sánchez Hidalgo (Badajoz). This tasting was commented on by José Luis Martín, well known in the great areas of our country.

Nor lacked the cheeses of the pastures of Idiazabal, which has a production quite limited and that is characterised by its excellent quality and organoleptic. Like tuned the Vega of San Martín Madrid dairy goat cheeses, which are produced from raw milk, pasta soft, tuned and matured with its specific flora. Tasting and tasting of the same was carried out by the aforementioned José Luis Martín.