La Finca

Our Livestock

We have our own livestock of murciano-granadina breed goats, which allows us to control the quality of our products from the initial moment.

Murciano-Granadina race has always been high in Spanish caprine livestock. This milk has an amount of fat and higher than the average protein, which makes it especially suitable for the elaboration of a cheese of excellent flavor and texture.

Disponemos de uno de los censos de ganadería caprina más grande y selecta de España. Llevamos más de 30 años criando y seleccionando los mejores animales de esta raza, por lo que conseguimos la mejor calidad, ya que ponemos un especial cuidado en su entorno, alimentación, manejo y ordeño.

We have one of the largest and most elite of Spain caprine livestock censuses. We have more than 30 years breeding and selecting the best animals of this breed, by which we get the best quality, that we take a special care in their environment, feeding, handling and milking.

Thanks to the special care and attention that we hold to our animals, our livestock has obtained the highest rating health, remain unscathed of brucellosis and tuberculosis.

Our Livestock    Our Livestock     Our Livestock     Our Livestock

Our Agriculture

We have more than 450 hectares spread over two farms where is located our livestock, of which around 40 hectares belong to the Prairies where goats graze on a daily basis, and the rest is dedicated to the cultivation of cereal, corn and alfalfa, which is the main basis of their nutrition. In this way, we have a strict control of the quality of the feeding of the animals.

We follow the processes of traditional agriculture, with the use of organic matter of our animals, but combined with the recent advances in technical and technological.

We always use the seeds that are better adapted to the ground and the time of production, but always with those of higher quality.

We practice the rotation of crops in all farms, which reduces the incidence of pests and diseases, to interrupt its life cycle; and improves the quality and quantity of soil nutrients. Planting plants with different root systems and nutritional needs, takes better advantage of Subscriber and gets not exhausting the resources of the land.

We thus take full advantage of the resources of the estate, giving special emphasis to the fertility of the soil and the natural manure.

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